What fish/snails/other things can best clear-up a freshwater pond with lots of algae?

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Question by NoNickname: What fish/snails/other things can best clear-up a freshwater pond with lots of algae?
I live in Pennsylvania and the pond temperature will flucuate from a nice summer day to a bitterly cold winter. The pond does have a pump and fountain so the water is circulating. But the amount of algae is clogging the pump too often. Thanks for any and all advice.

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Answer by gareth o
go buy some pond clear or algae remover its not the proper way but it works

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  1. Heather says:

    Large apple snails will eat away your algae, but they might harm your fish if your fish end up in a compromising position, such as temporarily stuck. Plecostomus can be added when the water is warm, such as low 70’s and higher, but they have to be removed when the temperature drops. Rosy Barbs will take care of hair algae and many other types.

    Before adding any non-pond specific fish, you should read up on them and determine if you’re willing to acclimise them to your pond, and pull them out if the conditions are too much for them.

    If you decide to add algae remover, it might be best for the health of your fish to remove them and any invertebrates, as it might harm them, and the invertebrates will rot in your pond, raising the ammonia levels.

  2. Angeli says:

    mystery snails – $ 1.99, pleco – $ 4.99 – $ 6.99

  3. Jewels says:

    If the water is clear but the algae is growing on things then algae eaters are the way to go. I never recommend chemicals if you can at all avoid it. If the water is green itself then get yourself a u/v sterilizer. It doesn’t work well on algae that growns on stuff but it works wonders on free-floating algae. They cost about $ 125 depending on the size of your tank but are well worth the money. Hope this helps!

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