What gardening/lawn product would work best?

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Question by Tamara: What gardening/lawn product would work best?
Ny bf’s backyard is mostly a patio. with a small shed & a little pond. We are planning to go back there and fix it up but, weeds and grass are between the “spaces” on the deck. He’s afraid if we clean it all up it will just all grow back, but I’m sure there is some kind of spray or something we could place out there to prevent that. Any suggestions?

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Answer by timmy
weed killer

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  1. bobsee8 says:

    If you want it gone for good you can get a heavy duty concentrate of roundup that you add water too to make it as strong as you want. It works great and doesn,t bother what is close by.

  2. Louis G says:

    Go to your local nursery or home center. There are numerous products that kill weeds like that. Look for something thats says “Season long control” on the front. Ortho, Bayer, Spectracide, etc. they all make stuff to do what you want to do.

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