What is a good Focal point, scented, pretty, shade shrub/ tree for garden in southeastern washington?

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Question by Daisy_22: What is a good Focal point, scented, pretty, shade shrub/ tree for garden in southeastern washington?
I live in Southeastern washington which is dry and warm. I have a garden near the house that is near the front door. It is about 10 X10 foot and gets mostly shade. I would like to plant a smallish (5-6ft tall) shrub or tree that blooms and is colorful from spring to fall. Scented would also be nice. Maybe attract birds? I dont mind pruning/trimming and it will get plenty of water. Any ideas?

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Answer by machotti1
Mostly shaded area will not give you the flowering plants you desire. If however there is at least 6 hours of sun in the area you describe then shrub roses, would be a great addition.Of course there’s nothing better that azalea’s and rhododendrons. Small understory trees like dogwoods and viburnums would be good for mostly shaded area with some sun not scorching sun. Also low growing hostas have a variety of leaf color and texture and blooms in July, they love filtered shade. Small Maple tree the mini’s would work well in the space you described as well. Ajuga is great ground cover also spring bulbs scatted about would be a nice touch to fill out the space. Then if your really serious about a focal point put in a small pond or small water feature. Garden centers have an amazing variety to choose from. The water will attract birds, butterflies, and the sound of.water trickling down a spout is so relaxing. Good Luck.

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  1. Christy says:

    Mock Orange, Sambuca, Kerria Japonica, Service Berry, Hydrangea, Acuba, Sarcococca, Red Flowering Current…

    None of these plants would meet 100% of your wishes, but if you choose one and then under plant with Wintergreen, Heuchera, native Bleeding Heart, Hosta, and/or Columbine (look for varieties that have some of the characteristics you’re looking for), you can have everything on your list and a nice welcoming front door garden.

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