What is the best fencing material to use on an outdoor pond?

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Question by Michael: What is the best fencing material to use on an outdoor pond?
I am looking for a nice, semi-decorative/natural looking fence to keep my turtles from escaping their pond.

Please include links.
(red eared slider turtles)

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Answer by meanolmaw
this is rabbit fence…


there should be some at a feed store or maybe Lowe’s type store…. your turtles are small ones, yes?… will you have some dry land and stones and logs for them to haul out to sun on?….. keep them away from the fence… little beggars actually do climb!…. I’d bend the bottom to face inside the pond area, and bury about three inches of it so they can’t dig out…. if you want pretty, then put the wire mesh inside and then around the outside, put garden border… like picket fence or stone or log chunks…..






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