What is the best way to remove dirt off the bottom of a pond?

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Question by Son of Harry Osbourne: What is the best way to remove dirt off the bottom of a pond?
K so despite my dad’s usual response of “it’s not a swimming pool” I’d like to see the pond with less dirt collected on the bottom… Yes i know algae at least a little bit means it’s a healthy or whatevr..

I’ve tried a net which doesn’t capture anything really but the leaves or algae, tried a shot vac the other day which sucked too much water without being able to get the dirt.. Idk tried a shovel

any ideas???

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Answer by E-ma
You could consider laying down a pond liner over the dirt.


This site is all about ponds. See if there’s something to fit your needs

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  1. pondlady says:

    There is a vac that hooks to a garden hose. Buy it at a swimming pool store or big box store that sells pool supplies. It looks a bit like a big blue dinner plate with a 4″ hole in the middle. Get one of those, but don’t get the netting that fits over the hole. Get a pair of women’s panty hose and cut off one leg. Fit the leg over that 4″ hole and tie it on. Attach the garden hose where indicated. Put the vacuum plate shaped thing on the bottom and turn on the water. The panty hose will fill up with pond gunk. Empty it often. The bottom will get as clean as you want it.

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