What’s a Pond Vacuum?

| April 8, 2014 | 3 Comments

Question by Me!: What’s a Pond Vacuum?
I’ve posted a question about how a dirty pond issue I have can be solved, and I got an answer regarding a Pond Vacuum… Can anyone tell me more about it? Such as:
-How it works?

-How strong/effective is it to tackle the problem of a dirty pond in general

-It is applicable to remove algae, waste products right?

-Can it keep the water crystal clear?

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Answer by gatorade
I guess what you are talking about is a siphon. It is nothing more than a hose you use to suck dirt (and water) from the bottom of the tank.

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  1. hidaho3 says:

    Get a free subscription to Fosters and Smith pond products from the internet. It will show different models. some model work off of hose water pressure. They all seem to clog and have some problems

  2. DONNA S says:

    pond vacuum is a bit like your household hoover, only it works in water. you can get a cheap version for about £20, but the best ones are about £99. They won’t tackle algae or blanket weed. You can buy plenty of chemicals from your local garden/pond centre. Have you got a uv on your pond?a uv will help kill the problem of blanket weed.

  3. danielle Z says:

    A pond vac is not different than an aquarium or gravel vac. Some are powered by electric and some are gravety fed. Unless you are really having a problem, it isn’t needed in your pond. I have 5 ponds and use just my large aquarium vac. (Gravety fed) And only in the spring.

    It will not keep your water crystal clear. Also, unless you are planning on spending a lot of time on your pond, your pond will not and cannot remain crystal clear and clean. If you are wondering how seaworld does it, they clean it every day.

    Algae is good for an outdoor pond and is needed to some extent. Perhaps a skimmer is something you would want to consider vs. a pond vac. A skimmer will remove surface debris, i.e. leaves, flower’s, pollen etc from the surface before it has a chance to sink to the bottom.

    Using a vac in the pond is a good way to rid the pond of sediment however unless you have a really large one, leaves and other debris need to be removed by hand (or rake) or just left in the bottom of the pond.

    I have a show pond 3,000+ gallon (my main koi pond). I will clean the bottom only in the spring to remove the leaves and this entails hipwaiters and a rake. I do not clean the pond any other time. It stays clear, but it does have sediment on the bottom. This adds to the beneficial biofilter of the pond and provides hiding places for koi fry. As for algae, I scrape it off or brush it off with a scrub brush and let the filter take it out. You can do a water change in the pond of 25-30% however that as well is not needed.

    Your vac will not remove algae unless you have the vac with the scrubber included.

    I have 5 total ponds and NONE of them are totally free of algae or sediment. To be honest, it isn’t healthy for the fish unless you are running biofilters which contain algae and are supplementing your pond with minerals.

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