What’s Wrong With Some Of The Fish In my Pond?

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Question by chrisvandermeyde: What’s Wrong With Some Of The Fish In my Pond?
Two of the fish in my pond have very bloated stomachs and on one of these the scales are raised out like a pinecone. They both struggle to stay upright and breathe very heavily. Also one of them has a swollen eye which is red and white in colour. Can anybody tell me what is wrong with them and what treatments I can use to help them?

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Answer by willie j
They were fish bugging(HUM BUGGING)the one with the swollen eye lost the pond fight.

Honestly,I don’t know_when in doubt call shed aquarium and
check it out.(or call your local aquarium).

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  1. Black Aliss says:

    pineconed scales is the death knell for fish. They suffer from dropsy, and once the scales pinecone out like that they are goners. You could try isolating them and treating them with maracyn 2 but they will probably die anyway.

  2. MrsCrabs says:

    I am so so sorry, but it sounds to me like the late stages of dropsy also, in which case they will proabably be unresponsive to treatment (this is not to way it WON’T work, but the chances are not good). If you want to attempt to save these guys (I say attempt because the chances are slim), you can treat with any of these meds.: Penicillin VK, Kanacyn, Oxolinic Acid, Maracyn-2.
    If the fish are bad off or don’t respond to treatment, you may decide you want to euthanize. There are ways you can look up on the internet, and everyone has their own ideas on how to do it. Two of the ways I personally use is putting them to sleep with something called clove oil, then putting them in the freezer until they pass (refer to this site for full instructions: http://www.aquariumcorner.com/euthanization.htm) and the other one is to just put them in a ziploc bag with enough water to make them comfortable, and put in the freezer. The fish will drift off to sleep as the water gets colder and they will pass peacefully without pain.
    I’m sorry I don’t have anything better to offer, but I hope I was able to help in some way. Again, I’m sorry. Best of luck. ;o)

  3. koi_kichi says:

    what kind of fish are they? are they still responsive, say they will avoid when being netted?

    if yes, still could be saved, move them to a separate quarantine tank, say a 500 liter tank? aerate heavily, put salt @ 3grams per litre of water or 0.3%, dilute the salt into the water slowly, should the fish starts to lay on the side, stop adding the salt water, do water change until the fish in normal position, heat the water slowly by 1 centigrade a day to reach 28 degrees celcius. aerate heavily at all times, no feeding, change the water 20% every other day, keep the salt @ 0.3% (depends on the fish), keep the tank closed and dark to keep them calm and prevent them from jumping.

    Dropsy is caused by stresful environment, too many fish in the pond, poor water condition. The 0.3% salt water can extract the excess liquid from the fish through osmosis and wash some pathogens from the gills, and skin. when detected please act quickly.

    If the fish is big enough (40 cm or more), baytril injection (antibiotics) may help, but get help on this one.

    good luck

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