Where to keep fish while fixing Garden pond?

| June 21, 2013 | 9 Comments

Question by gpf74: Where to keep fish while fixing Garden pond?
i have a problem with my garden pond that i have to fix, but to fix it i have to drain out the water, does anyone have any ideas where i can keep my fish while i am fixing my garden pond

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Answer by Benji
Toilet bowl.

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  1. dramatic chick says:

    ok first of all, DON’T put them in the toilet. put them in plastic bags filled with water 😀

  2. Alex says:

    in bowl of water dude

  3. noselessman says:

    laundry buckets lined with new trash bags?

  4. Kaitlyn says:

    just any tub with clean water…NO SOAP and make sure that if they are pond fish you give them lots of food, and maybe put an ornament from theyre pond so that they are comforatable, you can also do half and half water!

  5. ???????? says:

    common since,in water

  6. Nigel W says:

    For a temporary home you could buy one of those cheap paddling pools or extra large plastic storage tubs.

    Just make sure there is enough surface agitation to allow CO2/O2 exchange and it’s placed in a location where the sun won’t overheat it and set something up so predators can’t take advantage.

  7. jennarochelle' says:

    fill your bathtub and dechlorinate the water =)
    put them in there

  8. tikitiki says:

    Get one or a couple, depending on how many fish you have, rubbermaid totes from the store. You can hang a filter on the side of it if you need to keep them there for awhile. They come in all different sizes as well.

  9. Brent says:

    Put them in anything you can fit them in, not bags, and use a fair bit of the water from the pond and some fresh. If you don’t there’ll be all those good things the government puts in our water like chlorine which isn’t real good for them, and when you refill the pond make sure about 20% of the water you put back is the old stuff, keeps the algae alive which is where they get there Oxygenn.

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