Why is the hole for my garden pond filing up?

| August 21, 2012 | 3 Comments

Question by des e: Why is the hole for my garden pond filing up?
I have stearted to dig a hole for a garden pond It is 2 foot deep and is slowly filing with water from an unknown source. I can only asume this is because of a high water table . Wuld this be correct or might it be because of other sources? please help

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Answer by John
yes this is because of a high water table.

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  1. comingsoon251 says:

    Property size? It is best you make sure that any water hole be at least 100 feet from the seepage bed and septic. Is this to supply a garden? If so, you need to rate the inflow to your needs! Check what you plant and you can find water needs on the internet or from a garden dealer. Yah, you may have a high water table. Mine is so high that the previous owner put in a raised bed for sewage. The contractor dug 6 feet for my basement. He hit clay all the way! I cannot even dig here with a 65 model rented. It would lift the whole tractor and that is a big one! Clay is the worst soil, unless for grass. Earl

  2. Susan R says:

    Depending on where you live; it could be a high water mark if you live close to a river or lake but it could also be due to an underground spring. Does the water level increase at the same rate? If you have a pump to put in the pond when you get it built, use the pump to remove the water. If the pump can remove the water faster than it comes in you can determine the source when it gets empty.
    Watch the space and see where the water first appears; when you find the area dig deeper a little at a time to see if the flow increases. How much deeper do you want to make it?
    If it is an underground spring you can make use of it to keep the water in your pond running and to water your yard.

  3. Goldenrain says:

    Sounds like you are correct. I have seen that happen in my own yard only deeper than 2 feet.

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