Will frogs live in a pond that has a running filtration system in it?

| February 7, 2014 | 4 Comments

Question by Amanda: Will frogs live in a pond that has a running filtration system in it?
I recently moved and at my new house there is a little, man made garden pond with frogs in it. But there is no filter so it is just stagnant water. I really want to put a running fountain and filter in it but I don’t want to frogs that are living in it now to leave. Will they hang around even if the water is circulating through?

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Answer by RScott
Yes, the frogs are eating airborne insects, nothing from the water. The only problem is making sure it has places to hide from predators in the clear water like floating plants. In the spring when tadpoles hatch, you may want to allow a little algal bloom for them or feed any fish food. RScott

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  1. balaram b says:

    May be. However, chance is less

  2. pixieotr says:

    frogs do quite well with the filtering system, but make sure it is not too fast or that they have a calm area to rest in. my frogs love the moving water, they float along in the current, then swim around to do it again.

  3. yesiamalesbian says:

    you can get bubbler for circulation…but frogs dont breathe under water, so they dont need a filter. although your pond water will be much cleaner and clearer with a filter.

  4. smart E says:


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