Will the slush on the pond freeze good enough to skate on?

| December 17, 2013 | 2 Comments

Question by tj: Will the slush on the pond freeze good enough to skate on?
It snowed last night and even though it was below 32 degrees the heat trapped on the pond turned the snow to slush. There is about 8 inches of slush on the pond now and the forecast for the next week is all under 32. Is the slush going to freeze like regular ice and be good to skate on or will we need to clear the slush first before skating on it?

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Answer by Dan R
I doubt it since you live in Ireland.

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  1. cathrl69 says:

    Snow on top of ice won’t freeze to skateable ice, no.

  2. icicles says:

    Snow/ slush won’t freeze into ice. It will become very bumpy and impossible
    to skate on. You need to brush all the snow off. Then hose down the ice so
    you get a new smooth layer of ice forming overnight.
    The ice needs to be ten inches thick to skate safely on a pond/ lake.
    If this is just a little shallow pond in your garden, then just have a go.
    Lots of people have made videos on making and maintaining ice rinks
    in your garden in winter.
    Go online to Youtube and search ” Making a Backyard Ice Rink”
    Happy Skating.

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