wot fish can i put in my new pond????

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Question by Rob K: wot fish can i put in my new pond????
im just about to built a pond in my garden and wondering if any knows if i can put some of my catch from the local river in it?
will the fish be ok?
wot type of fish is best?

many thanx in advance

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Answer by dumdum
It depends on the size of your pond- a fairly large one will support a population of bass, bream and catfish- they go very well together- the bream will provide the food source for the bass and catfish. If it is a small pond, just but a few of your favorite fish in it and provide them with a source of food to keep them alive- They make a commercial food for catfish, but you will have to trap some bait fish for the bass to eat. Good luck!

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  1. Nick S. says:

    If it’s a garden pond, then I would put koi in it; they’re like a large Japanese goldfish. I wouldn’t suggest putting wild fish out of a river or creek with moving water and into a pond with no current or tides. The trauma would probably kill them. Hope this answer helps.

  2. bass pro20198 says:

    fish in a lake and fill up the pond with the lake water

  3. woodchipper890 says:

    Blue gill, crappie, bass, and catfish are all really hardy. What you need to understand though, is in some states its illegal to take fish from a lake or river, and stock a private pond with them. Since the state uses its funds to breed and release fish into the wild, its frowned upon to take the fish out of the habitat outside of fishing for sport, and use them other than what they were intended for. Sport. If your pond is big enough, then you can actually get it stocked for cheap by local fisheries.

  4. Benjamin S says:

    If it is a small pond put Koi in it along with small types of catfish, but if it is a big pond put catfish, bream, bass, and bluegill, you can put rainbow trout in a pond and they will be okay…Do not put crappie in your pond, they will overpopulate your pond and will ruin it, but everything else would be fine!!!!IT IS NOT ILLEGAL TO FISH IN YOUR PRIVATE POND OR STOCK THAT POND!!!

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