Would an Axolotl be suited to a garden pond?

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Question by hard to know: Would an Axolotl be suited to a garden pond?
I have my Axolotl in a 4 ft tank , it is in perfect health. I have it well over 3 years now , it lives with 3 large fancy goldfish, I am wondering would the Axolotl be ok in my garden pond with my 6 – 9 ” Koi. Before I put the Koi in the pond I monitored them in the Axolotl tank and they got on fine together. My pond is 4 foot deep

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Answer by Pytr Pytr
your pond is likely too cold during a lot of the year. .

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  1. Axolotl says:


    Would a Water Dragon (Axolotl) be suited for a garden pond?
    It really depends on the temperature of your water. If your pond temperature stays below 72° and above freezing and does not ice over during the wintertime; then it is possible to put (axolotls) Water Dragons in your pond.

    I do not recommend that you put Koi or any other type of Goldfish in your pond, because Koi and Goldfish grow much bigger than the (axolotl) Water Dragon they will bully or look at your Water Dragon as a possible food source. What I do recommend that you put in your pond are minnows. Minnows our excellent food source for your Water Dragons and very entertaining because minnows like to school together.

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